Two years ago, the extremely well-received demo ‘Man Is Strange’ arrived – but since then we haven’t heard much from musician Skylar Fri. The Dane has certainly made mystery an essential part of her brand – both in her music and in her musical persona. Now she is back with an intriguing, new single called ‘Better’ and it is the perfect opportunity to delve further into her mesmerising sound.

‘Better’ is a soft love song with many nuances. It is filled with smooth, 80’s inspired synths – some are dark and dramatic, others are bright and hopeful. A laid-back, gentle R&B-beat and a sad, sliding guitar adds emotive volume as the song progresses. Skylar Fri’s beautiful voice captures a variety of feelings as she pleas a former lover to give their relationship another chance: “Can’t change the past, but what if we can repair what could have been better than it?” she sings with an equally seductive, desperate and vulnerable, yet strong-willed tone.

Luckily, we won’t have to wait another two years for new, riveting tracks from Skylar Fri – she will release the EP ‘Lyng Land’ on May 19th.  Maybe the growing repertoire will reveal more about the artist behind it all – but even if it doesn’t, do yourself a favour and explore her captivating musical universe by listening to ‘Better’ below:

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