While it’s a gorgeous, shimmering thing, the debut EP It Might Grow from Finnish brother-sister duo Pole Siblings couldn’t come from a more vulnerable place. Heard here, the first cut ‘Ghosts’ gently positions the loss of self that comes after the death of a close relative, followed by determination to change your life for the better.

“Death is a very humbling experience. You realise you can’t hold on to certain things, cause there’s no one there to help you let go of your regrets,” explains singer Sofia Stolpe. After their father’s death in 2015 and other personal, emotional setbacks she and brother Johan decided to move to Sweden. There they started a band together, partly to process their mutual history and to stay connected to their homeland.

Out on June 16th, via Strangers Candy (home of Many Voices Speak and Francis), It Might Grow was recorded with musician and producer Petter Winnberg of Amason. With its dual vocals and wistful, delicate guitar frame, Pole Siblings have crafted a dark and beautiful tribute to their past, honouring its ghosts, while hopefully moving on to something new and wonderful of their own making.

Photo: Fredrik Diffner

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