What do we at Ja Ja Ja and Elton John have in common? Well, lots of things – but for starters, we both love the Danish artist Molina!

Recently Molina released her debut EP Corpus and the lead single ‘Salvation’ serves as a ideal introduction to her dreamy-atmospheric-industrial-pop. Wonderful beats laced together with brassy synths and quirky pop melodies create a sound that can be likened to the grand names of the 80’s. A hint of Kraftwerk here and a touch of New Order there, the end result is a beautiful sound that stands well out and places itself neatly alongside contemporary artist like Prince Rama and Berndsen.

‘Salvation’ was released on Danish label No3, and if you take a short Internet-stroll to your preferred streaming service you’ll find the rest of the EP Corpus. Whatever you end up doing later, listen first here below:

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