The birds have begun singing and tender rays of sunlight erase the memories of cold, dark winter days. Spring is finally here and the blossoming flowers are an anticipated and warmly welcomed sign of great things to come. Bergen-based Elida Høgalmen however decided to release a track called ‘Winter Sun’ last week – and though it sounds like a slightly depressing flashback to frosty weather, it reveals itself to be just the song you need to greet the new, auspicious season.

A gloomy, yet bright piano initiates the song. Some beautiful, but kind of spooky voices creep in from time to time and the mood becomes an exceptional mix between eerie mystery and hopeful suspense. Then Elida’s soft voice admits that the winter sun just brings back sad memories. Despite the melancholic atmosphere, the song has a powerful and determined drive: It grows into an uplifting and psych-rocked piece filled with lush guitar and atmospheric synths, which gives it a dreamy, cosmic vibe.

Winter sun your light breaks through my window like this day was made for you – I have no choice but to let you in,” Elida eventually realises and as the song intensifies, “Wake up to something new” becomes the optimistic, repeated takeaway.

The reflective journey is ended the same way it began: The gentle piano calmly bids us farewell and leaves equal amounts of sadness, excitement and wondering thoughts within the listener. Even though ‘Winter Sun’ is just one out of two songs that Elida Høgalmen has released so far, she is very ambitious. Her dream is to play at Roskilde Festival one day and if her future releases are as strong as this one, it’s probably not a far-fetched goal.

‘Winter Sun’ is out now through Diamond Club.

Photo: Karoline Hannisdal

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