Icelandic trio GANGLY has been captivating audiences since December 2014, when they released their first spooky music video consisting of glistening bronze-coloured human shapes in bizarre animations. That was for the debut track ‘Fuck With Someone Else’. Over three years have passed and now the fourth song and music video is here. It’s called ‘Whole Again’, and it’s about supporting and caring for someone, as you might understand from the lyrics: “Wrap my arms around you. Stitch together your old wounds. Make you whole again.”

The new track goes forth in the same easy pace as the previous singles, but it still feels a bit different. Throughout the whole song, there’s a hypnotic bell sound that chimes along with the rhythm, giving this track a very tranquil quality. Then there’s the phrasing by singer Jófríður Ákadóttir, which doesn’t follow the same flow as in the previous singles. There are sudden, short pauses, which makes her sound surprisingly similar to Iceland’s biggest pop icon Björk at times, who as it happens, highlighted Jófríður as one of her current influences in an interview for The Guardian last September.

So, four songs in just over three years. They sure do take their time, but then again these songs don’t feel like something that have been scribbled down quickly over a pint of beer. Besides, all three members still have their other musical projects. During 2016 Úlfur Alexander Einarsson’s band Oyama released the album Coolboy and Sindri Már Sigfússon released the record Spaceland under his musical moniker Sin Fang. Singer and multi-instrumentalist Jófríður had even more going on as her band Samaris released the album Black Lights, but she also released solo singles very recently under the name JFDR.

Now that you’ve got all the background info, settle in and take some time to enjoy ‘Whole Again’ by GANGLY.

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