Look out world, there’s a new supergroup on the scene. Well, kinda. Brooch is a collaboration between Ben Stidworthy of Montreal band Ought and Mikkel Holm Silkjær of Denmark’s Yung, and came to be after the two bands toured together a few years back. They recorded a couple of tracks in Aarhus in 2015, and now we’re finally getting to hear them, starting with ‘Blood Spitting’.

It’s a slice of hazy indie, the circular guitar riff giving the track a sense of swirling repetition, a looping dreamlike quality. Stidworthy takes vocals on this one, and wraps his melodies up in his warm, deep tones. All in all, it’s a song with a relaxed charm, soft-focus indie that slow burns its way into your heart. ‘Blood Spitting’ is out on Tough Love March 31, backed with ‘Broken Glass’.


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