The relationship between behind the scenes songwriting and performing in Swedish music is a fluid one, with the likes of Tove Lo and Noonie Bao having spent time in writing studios for other artists before making their own breakthrough. Vargas & Lagola are the latest group to try and make this transition. Salem Al Fakir and Vincent Pontare are the duo behind the project, having previously made their name as Grammy-winning songwriters and producers with tracks for the likes of Seinabo Sey, Katy Perry and Madonna under their belts. ‘Rolling Stone’ is the track which launches the project.

‘Rolling Stone’ is a summery, finger clicking pop song, bounding along with puppyish energy and pep. Al Fakir and Pontare’s background as songwriters is clear just from listening to it: every element clicks perfectly into place and is precision engineered to make an absurdly catchy house-tinged pop song. Expect this one to dominate your radio soon! ‘Rolling Stone’ is out now on Sweden Music – take a listen below.

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