Photo: Yung Shord

There’s something rather bold and forthright about ‘Dugout’ by Århus quartet Modest. Contrary to their name, these relatively unknown Danes charge forward on the lead track from 7″ Pretty Sure It’s Honest, out in April.

Capturing iLiKETRAiNS’s sense of grandeur and circumstance alongside Stellarstar’s pop spirit, Modest also clearly have some other rock-out quality all of their own propelling them forward. ‘Dugout’ isn’t Modest’s first outing. A couple of Soundcloud uploads caught the attention of Danish music pundits last year, who compared them to The Smiths and The Cure, thanks to the darker, 80s new wave pigmentation of their sound.

Ably demonstrating why they’ve just been added to an already promising Roskilde line-up this year, ‘Dugout’ is another, more vivid affair and a real step forward in their songwriting. While we’re yet to hear B-side, ‘Pride’, we agree with the blurb which says “the songs on Pretty Sure It’s Honest show Modest at their best yet”.

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