Luke Faas is a 23 year old Norwegian singer-songwriter, who started his career dabbling with an acoustic, guitar and piano sound. Soon after, he teamed up with producer Nicolay Tangen Svennæs, moving towards a more electronica-based sonic palate. And now, he’s released his debut single ‘Should’ve Seen It’ on brand new Oslo label Easy.

As you can probably grasp from the title, ‘Should’ve Seen It’ is a song about regret and loss, specifically the death cycle of a relationship when the walls start closing in and the end’s inevitability certain. Faas takes that emotion and builds a soft, graceful electronic soul song around it, an airy track that expels the pain in a deep exhale.

Luke’s debut single ‘Should’ve Seen It’ is out now, so tune in right here at Ja Ja Ja!

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