Photo by Joe Connor

Swedish four-piece Francobollo serve up a brilliant slice of indie-rock on their latest single ‘Good Times’!

Having met at school in Lund, Sweden and now basing themselves in London, the quartet are developing a well-deserved reputation for their energetic live shows. That energy flows through into this latest single, in the form of distorted guitars, raw vocals and a chorus that kicks in early. Combining this with a tinge of grunge, ‘Good Times’ has all the trappings of a garage-rock classic.

With their Wonderful EP released late last year, several upcoming London gigs planned for the start of 2017 and a debut album due later in the year, Francobollo show no sign of slowing down. Released on 3rd February on Square Leg Records, get onboard now and listen to ‘Good Times’ below:

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