In her latest video, the anxious, dizzying beats of The Hearing‘s ‘Faint’ from second album Adrian are given some interesting visual treatment by directors Onni Nieminen and Ina Mikkola.

It’s well known that saunas are what long, cold winters were invented for and how important they are to Finnish culture, so it seems strange any Finn, as in this video, would ever find themselves without the means of lighting one. This short story might appear light-hearted to some, but it’s possibly the worst case scenario in a land where every household has at least one steam bath.

We adore The Hearing for their looped-groove loveliness and if you’re a fan of The Knife‘s first album or Robyn, we think you will too. ‘Faint’ also shows off the honest pluckiness of Ringa Manner’s lyric writing, describing her inner fears about growing older, becoming redundant in a relationship and generally fighting through the malaise of each day. These themes are given a subtle lift by the video’s dry humour which goes hand-in-hand with the overall wintry aesthetic.

‘Pay attention to the small but important things in life’, is what we think The Hearing is telling us here. Or, ‘be prepared to endure an icy trek in your PJs to the nearest shop for those you love’!

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