Keeping track of what Jófríður Ákadóttir is up to at any particular moment is difficult, with the Icelandic musician currently having no fewer than five (Pascal Pinon, Samaris, Gangly, solo, secret unannounced project) ongoing projects to occupy her time and attention. It seems that for the moment her solo work, which she releases under the title JFDR, is in the spotlight. A debut record, Brazil, was recorded in New York last year and is set for release in spring on her own label White Sun Records. We’ve already heard the opening shot from that album, the delicate electro-ballad ‘White Sun‘, and now we’ve got a second single and video, ‘Airborne’.

‘Airborne’ is a cracked, fragile song, given a frantic, jerky momentum by its musical mix of twitching, rapid beats (an effect created by stitching together live and programmed drumbeats) and soft piano tones. That musical backdrop gives the song its skeleton, upon which Ákadóttir’s vocal lays out a story of loss and release. ‘Airborne”s nervous intensity makes it a very different song to ‘White Sun’, but both share a captivating depth which draws you in, a sense that every scratch at the surface reveals a little more underneath, a quality which makes Brazil a very exciting prospect indeed. It’s out now, with a video put together by Timothée Lambrecq and Ákadóttir. Check it out below.

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