Janice has emerged as a future name to keep an eye on (we certainly think so!), after the success with both of her first two singles last year. The song ‘Don’t Need To’ landed her a record deal, and plans for an EP were pushed aside to work on the upcoming full length via Sony Music due later this year. Now the Stockholm-based artist continues to impress with the new single ‘Answer’ – this song marks her third release and follows ‘Secrets’ from last summer!

Soulful yet sorrowful, Janice’s strong ‘Answer’ can be heard as a letter to her father, Andrew, who passed away four years ago. It starts as a heavy emotional piano ballad and then escalates gradually turning into a powerful chorus with an equally powerful finish. Janice explains: “It feels great to finally release ‘Answer’. It’s a song that means a lot to me because it is my cry and my grief. I have found it difficult to talk about longing for my father but through music it becomes natural.”

The single is accompanied by a beautiful black and white video recorded in Sollentuna church in Sweden last year. It’s hard not to be moved when Janice sings out her grief after her father’s death. Watch the emotional video below:

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