It’s been a while coming, but the long awaited Anna Of The North album seems to be finally coming into view. In a New Year’s message posted to their Facebook page, the Norway-New Zealand duo (vocalist¬†Anna Lotterud and producer Brady Daniell-Smith) said “We just can’t wait for 2017 to happen. You know there is an album coming right?”. That news is enough to get anyone excited, and if it wasn’t enough, they’ve announced a new single and video, looking towards home with a song called ‘Oslo’.

‘Oslo’ slots right into Anna Of The North’s typical stylistic groove, a bright, graceful, liquid-pop song, equipped with a soaring, crystalline synth line.¬†The lyrics blur between a tribute to a person or the city, or perhaps a bit of both. Either way, like most of their work, it’s a song that captivates, one that’s difficult to turn away from. And it’s got an equally nice video, one that features a lot of walking around in forests and such things. Check it out below.

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