During the last week of Trenda: Nordic Charts in  2016, a couple of Norwegians made an attempt at the top spot in the Nordics!

Every week we gather the top Nordic tracks from the Nordic countries on the Trenda: Nordic Charts, which you can view here! All the top hits can be heard on the Trenda: Nordic Charts playlist on Spotify, which you can tune in to here!

The Nordic Playlist was previously curated by Alan Walker one of the big Nordic newcomers of 2016. Norway’s Alan Walker celebrated the holidays with his hit ‘Alone’, which currently occupies the top spots on the Trenda: Nordic Charts in Sweden, Norway and Finland. On the Finnish chart, his latest track ‘Routine’, together with David Whistle lands as no. 5 this week!

Another successful Norwegian is Freddy Kalas, whose 2015 Christmas-themed single ‘Hey ho’ got a revival in 2016 and climbed all the way to no. 2 in Sweden and Norway. Despite Freddy performing most of his songs in his native language, it doesn’t seem to create a barrier for the Swedes, who previously also have picked up on duo Markus & Martinus.

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