Skott is back with a striking new single, ‘Glitter and Gloss’ – a song which packs more of a punch than the title would suggest. Having grown up on a commune in rural Sweden, Skott draws on her unique upbringing to create music that defies definition. Is it folk? Is it pop? Is it electro? When it sounds this good, who cares?!

Skott has no shortage of celebrity backers – Zane Lowe, Lorde and Katy Perry have all touted her as the next big thing – and following the release of ‘Glitter and Gloss’ it’s not hard to see why. Her voice itself is something of an enigma – at once both powerful and fragile – capable of sounding intricate¬†and child-like one moment, before effortlessly soaring the next. ¬†The rasping synths and driving beats intertwined with subtle harmonies that feature on ‘Glitter and Gloss’ will be pleasingly familiar to those who have heard her previous singles ‘Amelia‘ and ‘Wolf‘, while the delicacy of ‘Porcelain’ remains. And anyone lucky enough to have witnessed Skott deliver her London debut at Birthdays in Dalston last year will know what a captivating live performance she is capable of.

This latest single, out now on Chess Club/B3SCI, confirms what we already knew: Skott is one of the most exciting artists to emerge from Sweden recently, with both the talent and song-writing prowess to secure success on a global scale. Do yourself a favour: Have a listen to ‘Glitter and Gloss’ for yourself now, and thank us later:

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