The euphoric new track ‘Chameleon’ is the latest appetiser from Sailor & I‘s upcoming debut album The Invention of Loneliness. Stockholm-based singer and multi-instrumentalist, Alexander Sjödin released his critically acclaimed debut single, ‘Tough Love’ back in 2012 but hasn’t recorded a full length album until now. The exciting new material, however, has definitely justified the wait.

‘Chameleon’ is quite simply the antidote to any new year’s angst. It is a slow burning track, allowing you to appreciate each layer of instrumentation and the varied influences Sjödin can boast. Opening with an almost reverential sounding piano, as the song crescendos, the contrast of nostalgic brass instrument layers over a thumping electronic beat is irresistible. For six minutes it encourages you to dance without any inhibitions, singing along with the refrain, “I’m not afraid to touch the flame.” It is certainly a triumphant entrance into 2017 and leaves us very excited about the rest of the album.

Sailor & I has announced a show at The Pickle Factory in London on 2nd March. His album The Invention of Loneliness is out on February 24th on Skint Records. Listen to ‘Chameleon’ below:

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