You might not have heard of Code Walk before, as they’re only now releasing their debut single – but you’re probably going to hear a lot about them soon. The Danish duo, Søren Stenbjerg Gregersen and Jesper Nørbæk, are set to be the latest to break from the Copenhagen electronic music scene (they actually went to college with SmerzSekuoia and Chinah), and they’ve recruited the help of their buddies in Smerz for their debut single, ‘Guess What’.

Basically, if you’ve ever wanted a song that can make you feel cooler just by listening to it, ‘Guess What’ is probably as close as you can get. A minimal electronic number, its’s built around a tough, rubbery beat that Smerz‘s vocal coils around, coldly dismissing their subject with lines like “Guess what? Sometimes I feel sorry for you”. It all blends together to make an outrageously smooth and slick piece of electronic dance music, and it’s out on F12 Records on January 27th.

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