Photo: Beatrice Törnros.

Swedish singer Adna, who currently lives in Berlin, is back with another beautiful taste of what’s to come on her third album. The single ‘Thoughts’ was previously included on her debut album Night as a mostly instrumental song, but is now released in an updated version.

The song is in the same melancholy pattern as first single ‘Overthinking‘, beginning with a gentle guitar before rumbling drums transforms the song from ballad to something a bit different. Speaking about the song, Adna explains: “I wrote this when I was 16 as some kind of declaration of love to the place where I have my roots. Despite all the sorrow and the melancholy, it’s the most beautiful place I know about. And I wanted to make this song again, because it feels important to also see and think of the beauty in the things that otherwise are shown as something sorrowfully.”

Adna has released two albums, 2014’s Night and 2015’s Run, Lucifer. Now she’s set to share her third album, Closure, which will be released sometime this March via Despotz Records. While you wait, listen to the beautiful and melancholic track ‘Thoughts’ below:

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