Artists performing in their native Nordic language are climbing the Trenda: Nordic Charts this week, including Jimilian and Gabrielle!

The Trenda: Nordic Charts are where we gather the 10 most sold and streamed Nordic tracks in each of Denmark, Finland, iceland, Norway ad Sweden, to see which artists are making it big throughout the region! This week, many artists who perform in their native Nordic language are climbing the charts, so why not tune in to the special Trenda: Nordic Charts playlist on Spotify right here!

Denmark’s Jimilian has been hovering around the Trenda: Nordic Charts in Denmark for a couple of weeks already, and this week ‘Giv mig noget’ climbs from last week’s position 9 all the way to no. 3! The Danish rapper has previously spent loads of time on the chart, thanks to the hit ‘Slem igen‘ with fellow Dane, Blak.

It’s all change at the top of the charts in Finland, as Finnish favourite Antti Tuisku goes to no. 1 in his home country with the banger ‘Mä hiihdän’, after climbing up from last week’s position of no. 6.

Last week, Norway’s Gabrielle entered the Trenda: Nordic Charts in Sweden with her 2014 ‘5 fine frøkner‘, thanks to a well timed appearance in cult TV show Skam – and this week the song goes to no. 3! Why not learn a new language in the best way possible and tune in to some Nordic hits below?

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