Icelandic 6-piece Valdimar are enjoying their fifth week on the Trenda: Nordic Charts this week with the single ‘Slétt og fellt’!

Every week we gather the most popular Nordic tracks on the Trenda: Nordic Charts, and although the top spots are usually dominated by pop mega stars such as Zara Larsson and Seeb, there are lots of trends and new artists to be discovered further into the chart, including songs that have already hit a sweet spot in the Nordics but haven’t been heard outside the region just yet!

One of these artists is Icelandic indie band Valdimar, a Keflavík 6 piece who have been enjoying a spot on the Trenda: Nordic Charts in Iceland for five weeks in a row. Their single ‘Slétt og fellt’ can be found in the fifth position on the chart this week. The song, a five and a half minute piece, grows from an organic indie jam to a majestic horn and percussion crescendo towards the end, and is thus an excellent example of why you should trust local music lovers and check out what they are listening to.

Other artists on the Trenda: Nordic Charts in Iceland include duo Sycamore Tree in position 4 with the song ‘My Heart Beats For You’, Kaleo at no. 2 with ‘Hot Blood’ and  Friðrik Dór with ‘Fröken Reykjavik’ as no. 1. See the full charts here!

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