Want to give the gift of awesome music this Christmas, but don’t know where to begin? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered in our handy album gift guide!

Here at Nordic Playlist we’re all about discovering the best music from across the Nordic region, and seeing as it’s Christmas, we’re super keen to share our favourites with our nearest and dearest. With that in mind, and seeing as we’re getting down to the wire with regards to last minute shopping, we’ve selected some great albums from across the year which we’ve loved, and then some classics as well for good measure!

Danish/Finnish supergroup Liima had really busy year! They toured basically the entire universe, curated a Nordic Playlist and released their brilliant debut album ii. Got that special someone in your life who just wishes Efterklang would release a new album? Well those guys are 3/4 of Liima, so there’s a 75% chance they’ll love ii!

What about an album for someone who prefers their tunes a little darker and a lot more electronic? We’ve got the solution – Trentemøller‘s latest, Fixion! It features some of the stellar collaborators he tipped in his Nordic Playlist, and if you want to get that special someone something extra, you can try to win tickets for his upcoming UK tour!

How about an alt. rock classic? Sometimes when a band have a whole bunch of albums, it’s hard to know where to start, but if you want to give someone a beginners guide to the brilliant band Mew, then their 2003 album Frengers is a great place to start!

Jimi Tenor has featured on many Nordic Playlists, but again, with so many albums, where to start?! Well, his 1997 album Intervision was his first for the iconic Warp label, and introduced him to a wider audience at the time. Sounding just as fresh now, it can do the job once more!

Lake Jons are a cool up-and-coming new band from Finland, and they recently did a fantastic session at our Nordic Playlist Radio Bar! Their Explode EP is the perfect gift for that music fan in your life who wants to be ahead of the curve!

What about a gift for that person who loves Pop (with a capital P!) in your life? Well Finland’s under the radar pop champs Cityman have an album they will love! Rhythm / Emotion is full of glittering synth-pop delights for them to adore.

Samaris fist enchanted and beguiled us with their moody, atmospheric and darkly warped electronic sounds, but with the release of Black Lights, they’ve leapt from that foundation into entirely new territory – the dancefloor! With addictive low-slung beats, a gentle shimmy to Black Lights is the perfect way to combat Christmas excesses.

Sindri Sin Fang‘ Sigfússon has a knack for getting talented people to collaborate with him, and his latest album Spaceland is proof! Featuring the likes of Sóley, Sigur RósJónsi, JFDR and Farao, the record is a more electronic turn for this incredibly special artist, and a total delight – with and without help from his friends!

Earlier this year múm performed some of their best-loved tracks with Kronos Quartet at Iceland Airwaves festival, and it served as a reminder of just how magical and timeless their album Finally We Are No One is! For that person who wants to spend the festive season drifting on a cloud, here’s the perfect gift!

We know, we know – you may well be Christmas party-ed out by this point, but what about when you need a high energy pick-me up in a few months time? Well, gigantic pop hits are what you need, and who better to provide them than A-ha? Just try out their iconic hit ‘Take On Me’ and you’ll be right back in the party mood!

With a cover which makes her look like a beautiful fairy for the top of a Christmas tree, we think Aurora‘s album All My Demons Greeting Me As Friends is better under it – all wrapped up as a gift! You can also get festive with the lady herself – check out her Cosy Christmas soundtrack!

Earlier this year Moddi released Unsongs, an album of covers with one thing in common – all the tracks were banned by the authorities for being too subversive. In a year of high political tensions, here’s a record to both soothe and inspire the activist in your life!

Sweden’s Silvana Imam wrapped up her year with a few awards nominations, and we think you should wrap up her album Naturkraft as a present for everyone you know. If you caught her brilliant session for us at Roskilde Festival you’ll already know why – her impassioned delivery is second to none!

Peter Bjorn and John‘s latest album Breakin’ Point is proof that they are consistently one of the best indie-rock bands around. When they curated their Nordic Playlist, they told us it was “a homage to all the other albums in the world of pop music.” – perhaps this one could be bought as a gift for you, too!

Wrapping up our gift guide (sorry, we couldn’t resist) has to be a band with one of the best Christmas songs around – The Hives! OK, OK, we know – ‘A Christmas Duel’, their collaboration with 80s pop icon Cyndi Lauper isn’t actually on this record, but it’s still worth getting for anyone who enjoys, riffs, rocking out and generally just having the best time. Your New Favourite Band was a sort of ‘best of’ record which took all the most blistering cuts from their first few records, neatly packaged for international audiences. All killer, no filler – except when it comes to stockings, where it’s the perfect filler!