Ingrid Witt

In these uncertain times, one thing’s for sure – if you want clever, catchy electro-pop, you need look no further than Sweden.

Stockholm native, Ingrid Witt, wrote ‘Babies Gonna Cry’ – an infectious, sugary slice of “playful pop” – as a way of explaining why growing up isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. Witt says her challenge is to write pop music that is fun and accessible, while addressing concepts like adulthood and perfection – something she achieves easily with this new single. With a synth-heavy sound, double hand claps aplenty and Witt’s ethereal vocals, it happily draws comparisons with offerings from fellow Swedes Robyn and Lykke Li. There’s also a pleasant quirkiness to the lyrics that fans of Petite Meller would enjoy.

Released on the 18th November, ‘Babies Gonna Cry’ is evidence that Ingrid Witt means business – it just doesn’t have to be serious. Listen for yourself below:

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