Blondage - Photo by Zille BostiniusPhoto: Zille Bostinius

Danish duo Esben Andersen and Pernille Smith-Sivertsen have unveiled a stunning promo clip for ‘BEG,’ the latest song to be taken from their self-titled debut EP under the moniker Blondage.

‘BEG’ is a seductive, downtempo track drenched in their trademark synths and featuring both band members on vocals. It is a sensual, dark and modern duet, perfect for slow dancing. This is the first time that the pair have directed a video alongside their co-director, Emil Vinter and also enlisted the help of star dancer Maji Claire, who they discovered on Instagram.  The camera focuses on Maji dressed in torn clothing and bathed in changing coloured lights. Her moves are mesmerising and she stares defiantly into the camera as Pernille sings: “Say whatever, I don’t need a man.” After watching this video we get a sense that it is us who will be begging for more from Blondage.

The Blondage EP is out now via Tambourhinoceros. You can also catch them live at The Lexington in London on December 2nd. Watch the video for ‘BEG’ below:

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