This week’s update of the Trenda: Nordic Charts sees tracks from Sweden climb the charts and reveals what’s next in Swedish pop!

Zara Larsson may be the biggest star in Swedish chart pop at the moment (at least judging by the Trenda: Nordic Charts), but there’s more than that to Swedish pop music. This week’s Trenda: Nordic Charts sees a couple of new Swedish tracks enter the stage, while other well-known artists hold on to their chart positions.

In Norway, Swedish-Norwegian duo Tungevaag & Raaban feat. Finland’s Isac Elliot stays in the top three with ‘Beast’ for the 5th week in a row. Further down the chart, ‘Sexual’ by Sweden’s Neiked feat. Dyo enters in position 9. (read more about the track here!), while Tove Lo‘s newly released album kicks ‘Cool Girl’ back into spot no. 10!

This week’s brand new quality-stamped pop tunes come from Sweden’s Hov1, whose track ‘HjÀrtslag’ enters as no. 5 in their first week on the Trenda: Nordic Charts for Sweden. The four-piece had their break-through last year and after playing several festivals this summer they seem to be gaining momentum quickly!

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