The world seems like a pretty dark place right now, right? Literally (thanks, winter!) and figuratively (thanks, politics!), so what we need right now, more than ever, is music. Not just any music, but great music. Uplifting music. A warming candle to illuminate the faces of friends as the murky gloom seems to constrict tighter than ever. Lucky for us, Danish duo Feel Freeze are at hand with a Zippo and a bumper pack of IKEA tea lights to keep us afloat, thanks to new single ‘Give Me Your Heart’, which we are delighted to share with you exclusively today!

Speaking about the track, the band elaborate: “Right now it seems that the world is influenced by a smouldering disagreement. It seems as if people are not listening to each other.

‘Give Me Your Heart’ is a love song. It’s about falling in love and indulging in love. But it’s also about listening to what others have to say with an open heart. This applies to all. Even if you totally disagree with what the other person has to say. Listen. We sing: “Give me your heart. Give it to me hard. Give me your view. Give me your star.” It’s time to stop fearing others for what we think they think. Go out and find out. Talk to each other. Understand why people are as they are.

We always ask our audience to hug each other when we play this song live. It gives a great vibe in the room of openness and inclusion.  ‘Give Me Your Heart’ is a song of openness and inclusion.”

Awash with rainbow-tinted watercolour synths and jaunty guitar lines, ‘Give Me Your Heart’ is just the sort of endearingly earnest lo-fi indie-styled pop you need to brighten up dark days. As the song progresses you feel like you’re walking through a whirring toyshop of bleeps and trills, but rather than the effect being overwhelming, it’s more like how you imagine a bear must feel sniffing the air and taking in all the scents of an emerging spring after a long hibernation. Let ‘Give Me Your Heart’ be your springtime spirit animal, a talisman to keep close at hand when the deep freezes of January set in when your motivation for New Year’s Resolutions has already fallen by the wayside, and your patience for the rest of the human race begins to wane. But above all, let the above sentiment seep into your bones – love and understanding will keep us all warm, if we let it, and the misleadingly named Feel Freeze are on hand to guide us.

‘Give Me Your Heart’ is out on Wednesday November 30th via Icons Creating Evil Art – take a listen below.

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