Photo: Boe Marion.

Following the success of their debut ‘Wings of Love’, Swedish collective LIV releases brand new track ‘Dream Awake’!

Formed by indie pop princess Lykke Li, Miike Snow members Andrew Wyatt and Pontus WinnbergBjörn Yttling of Peter Bjorn and John, and producer Jeff BhaskerLIV debuted with the thrilling, guitar-led track ‘Wings of Love‘ back in September. Shortly after, Lykke Li made her directorial debut with the track’s nostalgic and 70s inspired music video, and today the star-filled supergroup premiered their riveting second single ‘Dream Awake’!

Written, produced and arranged by Li, Wyatt, Winnberg, Yttling and Bhasker, and released via their iconic imprint INGRID, ‘Dream Awake’ is a synth-led track packed with harmonies and echoing percussions. Although it takes a more emotional direction than ‘Wings of Love’, it still holds on to the bold and expansive sound that is LIV, and we are falling in love all over again! Listen below:

Tune in to Lykke Li’s Nordic Playlist!

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