Anna of the North BB-PR

Yorkshire quintet Vessels‘ new single ‘Had a Love’ features their excellent label mate, Norway’s Anna Lotterud A.K.A Anna of The North, with her fine vocal, making the single an automatic addition to your winter playlist.

The band stated: “it’s co-o-o-o-ld up north so we decided to write and record the warmest, buntiest thing we could conceive of to carry you through the winter months” which is exactly what it is! The combination between Lotterud’s vocals and the electronica starts in a minimal way, with an almost melancholic beginning, but then it bursts into a euphoric wall of sound. It is a great progression from start to finish, and definitely warmer than the weather.

Vessels’ Lee J Malcolm also said: “It’s strange how a new perspective can breathe life into a track you didn’t know what to do with. In this case Anna Of The North was that perspective and now I can’t imagine hearing it without her. Hope you feel the same joy we get from it.” Don’t worry, Lee – we do! Check out ‘Had A Love’ below:

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