Dream Wife

Halloween has been and gone, and now we’re left with the decaying remains and reminders of it in the form of burnt-out pumpkins, melted, battered old sweets, and finding random chunks of costume all over your flat for weeks after the event. Some Halloween treats hold up better than others, though. Dream Wife had a special Halloween party in London this year, and to celebrate released a special version of ‘F.U.U’, a track that’s been around for a while, with a special verse from Icelandic rapper (and Reykjavíkurdætur member) Fever Dream.

‘F.U.U’ was a raw piece of rock before, but this version is something else entirely, a hurricane of snarl and feral aggression. The guitars are meaner and nastier, and vocalist Rakel Mjöll is in even less of a mood to tolerate shit than she was on the original in the roared chorus: “I’m gonna FUCK YOUUUU UUUUUUP”. Fever Dream drops in an Anglo-Icelandic verse, and the track takes a trip through a Spice Girls reference, before it all wraps up in a monster pile of riffs. Halloween comes but once a year, but Dream Wife‘s ability to terrify their enemies lasts all year round.

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