Finnish record label Soliti are turning five years old, and to celebrate they are releasing the compilation album Soliti Five Years: My Brain Hurts A Lot. Just like last year’s Cover Me: Soliti Turns 4 the album consists of covers made by their artists. The difference being that this year the covers are of other Soliti artists. First up before the whole album is released, are Black Lizard with a terrific cover of Cats Of Transnistria‘s song ‘Good Night’.

Black Lizard’s Paltsa-Kai Salama comments the song “Cats Of Transnistria is a wonderful band and I’ve had the pleasure to work with them earlier, so it was lot of fun to cover a song I’ve recorded/mixed before. Recording covers is also always a refreshing project, you tend to look at music differently when it’s not written by you.”

The album is out on the 25th November, but until then you can caress your eardrums with ‘Good Night’ right here:

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