It’s all Danish on the Trenda: Nordic Charts for Denmark, as poppers Citybois enter with ‘Som om’ and rapper TopGunn lands his new single ‘Dør’!

Check out the Trenda: Nordic Charts right here for a thorough look at what’s hot in the Nordics right now, and tune in and subscribe to the Trenda: Nordic Charts playlist below! Two new songs enter the Danish chart this week, so let’s take a closer look!

Copenhagen pop duo Citybois just dropped their third single in Danish ‘Som om’, and the track makes it to no. 8 on the Trenda: Nordic Chart for Denmark. The idea for the song was born after the duo had to explain who they are when meeting a music fan, even though they’ve already had a mega hit with ‘Bedre end Rihanna’.

TopGunn surprises with ‘Dør’, which doesn’t sound like anything we’ve come to get used to expect from the Danish rapper. ‘Dør’ is not as much a rap track as a tender ballad, complete with a kid’s choir and all, but the new style seems to strike a chord among the Danes, as the track enters as no. 7 on the chart!

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