Nordic hits by Danish rapper Gulddreng and Swedish country singer Jill Johnson go straight to the top on this week’s Trenda: Nordic Charts!

It’s Friday and time to tune in to the hottest hits from the North! Find all the songs on the Trenda: Nordic Charts playlist here, and check out the full Nordic Charts for all Nordic countries! There are lots of brand new songs entering the charts this week, as well as old favourites climbing toward the top!

Danish rapper Gulddreng has been a permanent resident on the Trenda: Nordic Charts for Denmark for several months now. Last week he released ‘Drikker for lidt’ and just like all other songs he released so far it’s an instant hit, jumping straight to number 1! Gulddreng’s champagne-stained glitter-and-gold rap is a favourite in Denmark, where he currently has three songs on the chart!

A little less predictable was the rise of country singer Jill Johnson‘s single ‘Open Your Heart’ to the no. 1 spot on the Trenda: Nordic Charts for Sweden. She originally performed the track during the 7th season of the TV-show Så myckt bättre, which previously has boosted many an artist’s career, and this looks like a really good kick-off!

Check out the Trenda: Nordic Charts right here!

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