At this point it’s probably pretty safe to say that out of all of the deep wells of excellent talent in each of the Nordic countries, Sweden is drawing out more of the minimal experimental R&B pop variety than anyone else. Along with kindred spirits JJ, Ditt Inre and Hjälten, newcomer ILLIAL is going to shake things up with the fewest noises possible.

Hyper minimal in both sound and aesthetic, ILLIAL has had two videos to date, both directed by James Agazzi Brooks, and both as stark and striking as the music they accompany. Beginning with barely more than an atmospheric hum and the occasional bleep as a sonic backdrop, the pitched down vocals are your sole point of focus, but don’t be fooled into thinking this is 5 minutes of beige tinted tumblr-styled balladry – there’s plenty from ILLIAL lurking just underneath all the atmospherics and your patience will be more than rewarded. This is mirrored in the visuals, and though you do know how the ‘stuff vs foot’ battle is going to play out, it is still somehow a surprise when the final round starts.

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