With the news this week that legendary Swedish pop monarchs ABBA are set to reunite (as holograms), we thought we’d dig a little deeper into the past for some #ThrowbackThursday fun!

That’s right – ABBA. It’s been decades since the band last shared a stage, and despite this week’s news it may actually still not happen, as this reunion is for a ‘virtual and live experience’, meaning VR technology and holographic concerts! These are increasingly taking place with digital versions of beloved artists who we’ve lost too soon, such as Michael Jackson and Tupac Shakur, and those who’ve never even really existed, like Japan’s cartoon idol Hatsune Miku. With songs that have endured long beyond the band’s time together, this news is very welcome to the millions of ABBA fans the world over!

What better way to celebrate the news than with a little #ThrowbackThursday fun? We’ve got some more Nordic favourites from yesteryear. Who knows, maybe hologram technology will bring a few more to our stages soon?!