There has always been a sense of longing in the music by The Mary Onettes from Sweden, and that’s certainly true of ‘Juna’, the new single. It sounds like a memory of a drive down the California coastline during a late afternoon, when the sun is closing in on the Pacific ocean. Sound-wise the band has definitely evolved over time – on the first self-titled album from 2007 the sound was more distinct indie rock, but since then they’ve added several layers of hazy dream pop, which you can find here on ‘Juna’

What kind of meaning the song title carries is a mystery though. Is it an obscure name, or an enigmatic reference to trains? You see, “juna” is the Finnish word for train, but that must just be a funny coincidence, right? As far as I’m aware, the only Finnish connection this band has is when the brothers Philip and Henrik Ekström delved into the poetry of Claes Andersson with their other band project Det Vackra Livet in 2011, and Claes is a well-known poet, psychiatrist and politician in Finland.

The single ‘Juna’ is released through the American label Cascine and is available now.

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