Even though we’ve been absolutely hammering Reykjavík production duo (and Úlfur Úlfur side project) SXSXSX‘s most recent jam ‘Up Down‘ since it hit our speakers a month ago, it’s been the perfect soundtrack to an indian summer and is sounding as fresh as it did the first time. Not wanting to become seasonally irrelevant, however, they’ve just dropped ‘Soldiers’ a much darker and understated affair.

Where ‘Up Down’ was an addictive vocal-heavy collaboration with Milkywhale, ‘Soldiers’ is much more of an exploration of the band’s production prowess. Sparsely arranged, the scattered beats are glitchy and trap-styled, with minimal loops and melodic elements, ‘Soldiers’ is teeming with moody bass and subtle tension. Without any big synth lines to hang onto, it’s a shapeshifting spectre of a track, morphing and warping into something new every time you catch a glimpse of it, but that just means there’s more to discover on subsequent listenings – it is deceptively simple at first, but as you get closer to it you will find it richly detailed. Dark and deliciously ominous,  ‘Soldiers’ should keep us awake as the long nights of winter settle in.

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