Nick Hornby’s High Fidelity doesn’t cast record stores as especially happy places, but that hasn’t stopped Norwegians SLØTFACE from paying tribute to them on their latest single ‘Empire Records’, which namedrops Championship Vinyl from Hornby’s novel and the 1995 Allan Moyle film of the same name. Singer Haley Shea says: “It’s pretty much a silly song about running away to dusty record stores when you’re sick of normal life. I’ve always dreamed about working in a place like Empire Records or Championship Vinyl from High Fidelity. I just think record stores are magical places for people who love music and they make me very happy”.

SLØTFACE were a little more subdued and melancholic on their last release, ‘Bright Lights’, but their high-octane, rocket-powered style is back on ‘Empire Records’. Shea fantasises about running away to hang out with Liv Tyler and Sonic Death Monkey over a high speed rush of guitar riffs and snarl. It’s the title track of their new EP, out on November 18th on Propeller Recordings.

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