Here at Ja Ja Ja we aim to introduce you to your favourite new Nordic artists, but it seems that we’ve got a new rival in this race, as the artist we’re writing about today, Sweden’s Skott, has also been tipped by none other than Katy Perry! Perry descibed Skott’s recent single ‘Wolf‘ as “vibes for days”, and to be honest you probably don’t need any more reason than that to check out Skott’s brand new single ‘Amelia’. However, if you’re the kind of person who generally trusts Perry’s opinion but also likes to have it backed up by a Nordic music reviewer’s thoughts, read on!

‘Amelia’ starts off deceptively softly, with Skott’s voice delicately balanced against finger-picked guitars in an almost folk style. There’s a general build up of force and energy as the track progresses however, and a monster beat drops in around the one minute mark to transform the song into thumping electro-pop. Perry’s endorsement means that Skott is inevitably going to be huge, so get ahead of the curve and listen below.

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