chain wallet

In case you’re unaware, Bergen in Norway is probably one of the world’s most productive music cities. And Chain Wallet (Stian Iversen, Christian Line and Frode Boris) are fast becoming one of the stars of the scene. They’ve just released their self-titled debut album on superlabelĀ Jansen Plateproduksjon, and we’re here today to chat about one of the tracks from that record, ‘Remnants Of A Light’.

‘Remnants Of A Light’ is one of the highlights of that album, a melancholic synth-pop gem. Musically, it’s incredibly colourful, with glittering guitar riffs pinging against a driving bassline, an early 80s take on indie. That’s paired with lyrics about emotional distance and confusion (“you don’t know me now, echoes in my head from time to time”), to a make classic musical cocktail that’s both sad and uplifting simultaneously. Chain Wallet is out now.

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