cancer_by_simonbirk_1Photo: Simon Birk

Danes Cancer have been Ja Ja Ja favourites since putting on a stunning show at Ja Ja Ja London two years ago, and therefore it’s very welcome news that we’re soon to get a full-length album from the duo. Their debut full-length Totem is out in January on Tambourhinoceros. A new single ‘Die One More Time’, arrived a few weeks ago, and now they’ve put out another, ‘Tears’.

‘Tears’ is a sombre song, a sparse, melancholic bass line setting the tone. It’s quite loose structurally, a song that flickers and shifts shape rather than one that locks into place.┬áThe clever, thought-out lyrics (“really thought you were happy, your eyes catch another ceiling”) add another layer to the song’s emotional depth. ‘Tears’ isn’t a song that wallows lazily in misery, but one that poignantly captures the way that moments trip us up and reflect something more.

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