Norway’s electronic disco king Lindstrøm now has some amazing, playful visuals to go with his brilliant track ‘Closing Shot’!

We promised to keep an extra close eye on Norwegian DJ Lindstrøm when he returned as a solo musician with the release of ‘Closing Shot‘ back in March, and here at the Nordic Playlist, we stay true to our words! So – when it came to our attention that the eight minute long track now has its own music video, we couldn’t help but jump out of our chairs of pure excitement…

‘Closing Shot’ is a timeless and stylish disco track taken from Lindstrøm’s latest EP Windings, which was released back in July. The brand new music video for it is a cartoon film directed by artist Oliver Clegg, and speaking of it he said:

I wanted to make something that could stand alone as a piece of work aside from the context of just listening to the music. So whilst the video strives to respect the cosmic nature of the music, there is also a more subtle twist at the end that suggests a wider commentary – something one would never get from just hearing the music without the visuals. It’s simultaneously serious and respectful with hopefully some splashes of humour!“

Watch the music video for ‘Closing Shot’ below: