‘Beach Boys’, the new single from Icelandic duo WESEN (or ₩€$€₦), is two glorious minutes of hypnotic, tropical dream-pop. From the opening synth swells which sound like waves washing against the shore, to the silk-smooth vocals of Júlía Hermannsdóttir – this track is an irresistible lullaby hiding a deeper meaning. Listen carefully, and the lyrics describe the feeling of detachment between two people – being “unable to talk” and wanting to hide yourself away, alone, on the beach.

WESEN is formed of Hermannsdóttir and Loji Höskuldsson, who first started playing together over 10 years ago. Since then, each has enjoyed success in different bands, but have come together again in this new venture, exploring electronic music. ‘Beach Boys’ is the first track to be taken from WESEN’s upcoming debut album, Wall of Pain, which is due for release on October 14th.

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