Samaris’s ‘Wanted 2 Say’ has been selected as KCRW’s ‘Today’s Top Tune‘!

In the final instalment of our week-long collaboration with LA based radio station KCRW, we’re delighted to present ‘Wanted 2 Say’ from Icelanders Samaris as the track selected for the station’s ‘Today’s Top Tune’ series! This means that if you wander over to the KCRW website, you can access a free download of the song for a limited time only – so head over now to find out more!

The track ‘Wanted 2 Say’ marked a welcome return for Samaris earlier this year – a first foray into the English language for the Icelandic trio, and the first single to land from the outfit’s third album, Black Lights. The song captures and reimagines everything that we’ve previously loved about the band, blending hypnotic loops and beats with soft, searing vocals and the resonating tones of a distorted clarinet.

Curating their own edition of the Nordic Playlist, vocalist Jófríður Ákadóttir explained of the track: “The lyrics are kind of a mix between a direct message, utter nonsense and joke references. I was inspired by a wave of musicians stepping up to talk about protecting and preserving the nature in Iceland and I wrote a few verses about that, some of them didn’t make it onto the final version. The rest is somewhat the opposite, the joke that all we wanted to say was actually nothing at all.”

This track is the final song to be included in our week long collaboration with KCRW, where the Nordic Playlist has co-curated a whole week’s worth of Nordic tracks for the download series, including songs from Masasolo, Jaakko Eino Kalevi, Prins Thomas and Erik Jonasson! Find out more about this special series now…

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