New Icelandic production duo SXSXSX is actually not so new in terms of the duration of time they’ve been making music together – it’s a collaboration between Helgi of rap duo Úlfur Úlfur and Björn who works with them as a DJ! With this information you already know you’re in incredibly skilled hands, but even better, for their debut they’ve also teamed up with the brilliant Milkywhale on a fantastic new track called ‘Up Down’!

Sometimes you hear a song which has so many different things going on it makes your head spin as you gleefully try and process all of the magical sounds whirling in unison. This is great, but sometimes you don’t need a sample of the kitchen sink, and simplicity is the best option. SXSXSX and Milkywhale have certainly opted for the latter on ‘Up Down’ which is built on the foundation of one very simple, very addictive melody line. It warps and morphs as the song picks up pace, but the melody never changes, and it doesn’t need to – moreover, you don’t really want it to. In the mirror it finds a reflection in the evocative voice and engaging lyrics of Milkywhale, another set of unchanging melody lines which need no variation. The other production elements choreograph an elegant dance between these two perfectly matched partners – it’s simple, but so effective.

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