Norwegian noise gang The Megaphonic Thrift have spawned a side-project: Linn Fr√łkedal and Richard Myklebust have taken a break from the day job to bring us Misty Coast, and have popped up with a debut single which they’re releasing through Bergen label Diamond Club. That single is called ‘Funny World’, and it’s what we’re here to discuss today.

The Megaphonic Thift established their reputation through waves of abrasive noise, but their later music saw them take a step away into softer territory. Misty Coast’s first single is something else entirely. To play the song is to step into an oblique dreamworld, a pop song pushed into a world of echo and fuzz to make a soaring indie hit, a perfect balance between the trippy haze of the production and the big melodies of the chorus. It’s out now on Diamond Club.

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