Mysterious Danish producer Goss is back with ‘Waterfall’, another slick and addictive pop adventure for us to enjoy! We’re still pretty much in the dark about any information about Goss, apart from the fact he’s a writer and producer who’s previously worked with the likes of MØ, and that he’s a big fan of punctuation, as evidenced in his previous single ‘I Want To Know?????‘, but it doesn’t really matter what we do and don’t know – the music speaks for itself.

To say there’s a lot going on in ‘Waterfall’ would be a vast understatement, but it’s rarely all happening at the same time, so the overall production never feels too busy – there’s a lot of space for all the sounds, but there’s also a lot of sounds filling the space. A soulful vocal forms the backbone of the record, but there’s so many fascinating rhythm changes, stabbing and warping synths and melody lines rippling and bubbling around it like tide water, it all competes for your attention in equal measure. For most productions this sort of thing results in a cacophonous mess, and you give up trying to focus on it. For others, it’s just a dense and rewarding listen, and that’s definitely the case here. If one of those Choose Your Own Adventure books could take song form, it could arguably be ‘Waterfall’ – depending on which bit you’re listening for, your listening experience can be markedly different from the last one, in the best possible way.

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