Norwegian musician Ary, aka Ariadne Loinsworth, has had a big twelve months, releasing her debut single ‘Higher’ and playing our Ja Ja Ja shows in London, Berlin and Hamburg (as well as being selected as one of our Ones To Watch in 2016!) The artist looks set for an even better next twelve, having already been confirmed for SXSW 2017 and her new track arrives in slightly unusual circumstances, as it’s also the opening theme for new Norwegian TV show Nobel.

It’s called ‘The Sea’, and it’s a minimalist pop song, built largely around a simple pulsing beat. This leaves space for Ary‘s voice to take centre stage and dictate the track’s tempo and flow, through subtle intonations, rhythmic chanting or soaring vocal swoops. It doesn’t attempt to replicate ‘Higher”s high-tempo peppy pop, but instead goes in a different direction, creating a song with a soft, melancholic elegance and power. ‘The Sea’ is out now on Petroleum Records/ Toothfairy.

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