On this week’s Trenda: Nordic Charts, Denmark’s Gulddreng arrives with yet another single, called ‘Hva’ Så’, and lands it as no. 1 on the Danish charts!

Denmark’s R&B star Gulddreng, who took Denmark by storm this summer with his world of models and champagne, has landed a new single, called ‘Hva’ Så’. The track makes a glorious entry and goes straight to No. 1 on the Trenda: Nordic Charts for Denmark, which you can find here.

‘Hva’ Så’ follows in the steps of Gulddreng’s previous singles, ‘Model’ and ‘Se Mig Nu’. Both tracks topped the Trenda: Nordic Charts in Denmark when they were released, and are in fact still present on the chart, as No. 5 and No. 2 respectively. In Gulddreng’s video teaser for ‘Hva Så’, he’s playing with the idea of giving up his career, but judging by his popularity, that would probably be a bad idea at the moment.

Other changes on the Trenda: Nordic Charts include Sweden’s Bacall & Malo‘s return to the charts in Finland, and Tove Lo entering with ‘Cool Girl’ in Norway. In Sweden’s Seeb’s remix of Coldplay’s ‘Hymn for the weekend’ makes an impressive entry in spot no. 3. To hear all the hottest Nordic tracks, tune in to the Trenda: Nordic Charts on Spotify.

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