For just about as long as humans have been making music they’ve been moving their bodies to it – rhythm and melody have been intertwined with dance for thousands of years, and long may it continue! The latest fantastic addition to this perfect partnership comes to us via Norway’s Matilda in the video for her brand new single, ‘Ghost’!

Opening with the lights being switched on to an empty stage in a seemingly equally empty theatre, this stark scenario and black and white palette is quickly brought to life by a bright, colourful synth line as a set of seriously athletic dancers spin and lunge with mind boggling agility and poise. ‘Ghost’ showcases Matilda’s impressive vocal range while the dancers’ movments echo the song’s powerful energy perfectly. There’s nothing drab about this monochrome world – ‘Ghost’ is bursting with kaleidoscopic melody, and paired with the mesmerising performance from the dancers, it’s a dynamite combination.

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