Norwegian youngsters Marcus & Martinus climb the Trenda: Nordic Charts in Norway, and stay in the top three in Sweden!

Marcus & Martinus‘s hit single ‘Girls’ ft. Madcon had barely left the Trenda: Nordic Chart in Norway before their latest track ‘Light It Up’ with Samantha J. started climbing towards the top!

‘Light It Up’ is a catchy, up-beat tune with snappy dance hall influences courtesy of Jamaican singer-songwriter Samantha J, best known for her 2013 single ‘Tight Skirt’. The track lands in spot. no 8 in its first week on the Trenda: Nordic Chart for Norway, and judging by the popularity of this duo, it will likely climb higher soon.

As if a permanent position on the charts in Norway wasn’t enough, Marcus & Martinus have managed to stay put in the Trenda: Nordic Charts for Sweden for several weeks already, this week reaching the top 3! The song charming the Swedes at the moment is ‘Elektrisk’ featuring Norwegian singer-songwriter Katastrofe, who earlier this year was very successful in his home country with his single ‘Sangen du hater’.

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